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The OilField Journal is an annual peer-reviewed journal publishing original manuscripts related to the mission of Drake Well Museum in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

The Friends of Drake Well have been publishing the Journal since 2002, and members of the Friends of Drake Well receive the current issue of the journal as an annual member benefit.

Many past volumes of the OilField Journal are available for purchase through the Drake Well Museum Store. An index of each volume's articles and authors can be found here.

Volume Title Author
2020, V. 17 Titusville Eats: Recipes from Oil Boom Titusville Moore, William B
A Million Ways to Die in the Oil Region Hilburn, Jessica and Juliet Hilburn
The Acquisitions Corner Beates, Susan J.
2019, V. 16 Partnership in Oil Turned Brothers Into Enemies: The Tale of the Brambley Brothers – In Their Own Words Jackson, Kenneth L.
Surviving in Postwar America: the Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil Association, 1945-1960 Part IV, PGCOA History Bemko, Ihor J.
Carolee and Bud: Living History Andomites, Paul
For Sale Cheap: Depictions of Disappointment Deeter, Lee
John B. Hawley, Jr., and His Northern Ordnance Enterprises: Wartime Pennsylvania Oil Production (Flowing Heads, Bull Run Oil Shaft and Yo-Yo Drilling Rigs) Weber, David L.
Peapack and Petroleum: a Brief History of the Hyde and Egbert Farm, the Jersey Well and the Jerseymen Who Drilled It Flaherty, Kathy J.
Past, Present and Beyond Beates, Susan J.
2018, V. 15 Titusville High Society: The Women Moore, William B.
Meanwhile at Petroleum Centre! Article excerpt from The Derrick
Separation Anxiety: Oil Free and Clear of Water (and Vice Versa) Flaherty, Kathy
Post-Oil, Titusville Begins to Redefine Itself and Lay the Plans for a Diversified Future Weber, David L.
The Most Important Document in the Global History of Oil Adomites, Paul
New Acquisitions by Drake Well Museum Beates, Susan J.
2017, V. 14 Interview: Timothy C. Winegard
Review: Winegard’s “The First World Oil War” Manuel, Tyler
Pennsylvania’s Oil Region and the Great War Bemko, Ihor
Oil & War: United Refining Company Beates, Susan J.
Pennsylvania’s Oil Region Machine Shops and Foundries Helped Win “The Great War” Weber, David L.
How the Pennsylvania Invention of Casinghead Gasoline Helped the Allies Win the War Adomites, Paul
Drake Well’s Recent Acquisitions Beates, Susan J.
2016, V. 13 Charles Vernon Culver: Financial Visionary or All-Time Conman Michener, Carolee
Pennsylvania Natural Gas Finder: Wayne Leeper Flaherty, Kathy
Major General Charles Miller: Industrialist & Gentleman Farmer Weber, David L.
“A War of Oil”: Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and American Art During World War II McNamara, Jane Myers
A Sketch of Venango City 1865 and Beyond Young, Clara Youthers
From the Oil Fields to Drake Well Museum and Park: Sand Hill Oil Company Central Power Exhibit Weber, David L.
The Association has been the Salvation for this Entire Region: The Penn Grade Crude Oil Association in the New Deal and World War II Bemko, Ihor
Drake Well’s Recent Acquisitions Beates, Susan J.
2015, V. 12 The Corry Refinery McElwee, Neil and Lois
The Coopers were Convicts: The Allegheny County Workhouse and the Pennsylvania Oil Industry MacGregor, Doug
The Sacred Among the Profane: Pithole’s Men of Faith Adomites, Paul
Unseen Pithole
The Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil Asociation Copes with the Problems of the Free Market: Overproduction and Deflation Bemko, Ihor
The Best Books on Oil History Black, Marilyn A. W.
How Perseverance and Dedication by the DAR Assured the World of a Drake Well Monument Kalkbrenner, Jeffery and Jessica Hilburn
The OFJ Interview: Jack Straub: Pennsylvania Oil Man Flaherty, Kathy J. and Thomas
From One Oil Anniversary to the Next: The Development of Drake Well Museum and Park Beates, Susan J.
New Acquisitions to Drake Well Museum Beates, Susan J.
2012-2014, V. 11 John J. Carter, Civil War Hero English, Gerald C. and Susan J. Beates
Pennsylvania Oil Fights Back: The Founding of the Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil Association Bemko, Ihor
How to Read Oil Maps: A Leaf from the Oil City Quadrangle Sorkhabi, Rasoul
Drake Well’s Civil War Artifacts Beates, Susan J.
Forgotten Image of 1897 Titusville Uncovered Weber, David
Pithole: First Person Adomites, Paul
Dr. Francis Brewer: An Historical Look Butler, Claire Varrieur, edited by Susan J. Beates
Augie Holtz: The OFJ Interview Weber, David
A Trek Through The Derrick’s Handbook Adomites, Paul
My Choice: The Best Books on Oil History Sorenson, Ray
The Latest Acquisitions of the Drake Well Museum Beates, Susan J.
2011-2012, V. 10 Introduction Mattausch, Daniel W.
An Ancestry of Light Arnn, Molly
Boyl and 646 Adomites, Paul
The Boyle Collection at Drake Well Museum
2008-2009, V. 8 1859: A Year that Changed the World Carter, Kristin M.
Colonel Drake was her Neighbor Giddens, Paul H.
DW 652: A Forensic Look at an Iconic Image Mura, Glen A.
Edwin L. Drake and His Legacy Brice, William R.
Editor’s Desk
Picturing the Past: A Drake Family Album
Review: Preserving the Oil Regions
In Print: Books, Music and Film
Drill Bits: Living History
Oil Spots: Energy, Experience and Edutainment: A Museum for the 21st Century
New Museum Acquisitions
2007-2008, V. 7 Oil Region Wagon and Carriage Manufacturers, an Essential Operation Weber, David L.
The Allegheny: River of Oil Beates, Susan J.
The Oil Creek Railroad: Pictures Tell the Story Senges, Richard A.
The United Pipe Lines, inc. – Pulling the Early Industry Together McElwee, Neil
In Print
Drill Bits
Oil Spots
From the Oil Patch
New Museum Acquisitions
2006-2007, V. 5 Derricks and Sabers Giddens, Paul H.
War and Wells Crum, A. R.
Colonel Andrew Jackson Greenfield: Citizen, Soldier, and Oil Broker Carter, Kristin M.
Josiah G. Winger: “Oldest Living Driller” Beates, Susan J. and Steve Karns
Brothers in Oil: John Luke McKinney and James Curtis McKinney English, Gerald and Beth English
Can You Imagine Pearl Mary Wilshaw
Drill Bits: Bubble, Bubble, Oil and …fizzle?
In Print
Oil Online
Oil Spots
New Museum Acquisitions
2004-2005, V. 4 Excerpt from Rock Oil: Wonder of the 19th Century Gale, Thomas
The High Price of Whale Oil and What it Led To Kendall Beaton
Boughton Acid Works Edenborn, Harry and James Sams
Kerosene: A Bright Idea Flaherty, Kathy J. and Susan L. Beates
New Museum Acquisitions
In Print
Oil Spots
Drill Bits: Rust in Peace
2003-2004, V. 3 Letter to the Editor Flaherty, Tom
US Postal Service Honors Special Stamp
Drill Bits Flaherty, Kathy
Ida at Allegheny Helmreich, Jonathan E.
French Lessons: Ida Tarbell Begins Work in Paris Kochersberger, Robert Jr.
Why Ida Tarbell Wrote: The History of Standard Oil Company Giddens, Paul H.
Ida Tarbell, Her Research Assistant and The History of the Standard Oil Company Giddens, Paul H.
Ida Tarbell’s Second Look at Standard Oil Miller, Ernest H.
Ida M. Tarbell, at 76, is Still Going Strong with her Pen
A Letter to Nettie
Ida M. Tarbell, 86, Dies in Bridgeport
Oil Spots
In Print
New Museum Acquisitions
Review Mong, M. A.
2001-2002. V. 2 The Incredible John F. Carll: The World’s First Petroleum Geologist and Engineer Harper, John A.
Petroleum Petra
New Haven and the First Oil Well Townsend, Henry H.
Oil Spots: A Virtual Tour of America’s Oil Museums Vatavuk, William M.
Oil Spots: On the Road Again Corey, M. H.
In Print
New Museum Acquisitions
Review Mong, M. A.
2000-2001. V. 1 Prehistoric Petroleum Use in Pennsylvania Thomas, Judith E.
Early Maps of the Pennsylvania Oil Fields Miller, Ernest C.
Oil Spots
In Print
New Museum Acquisitions
Review Mong, M. A.